About Us

Welcome to The DOS Box!

What is The DOS Box all about?

Well, we'd be lying if we didn't admit that the number one reason for setting up this store was to make money, after all, who doesn't like money? Oh some Buddhists maybe, but that's about it!

The second reason, well the one we like to claim on the home page, is to make and sell geeky and irreverent goodies like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and phone cases, that all have something nerdy and funny connected to them.

A lot of our designs are computer related, our boss has 30 years in the IT business and in all those years he's seen a lot of funny sh*t, some of it can be repeated in public, some of it can't, the stuff that can is where we get most of our inspiration!

Alongside the IT and computer humour we also offer a few related funnies from the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy.

All our designs are created by a gang of indolent, scruffy yobs who call themselves graphics artists... Aye, and if my granny had wheels she'd be a wagon!

When we can drag them out of the pub and stop them abusing the interns they churn out the kind of work most three year-olds can scrawl at kindergarten but maybe 1 in 10 of their efforts can be used.

No matter how hard we try we can't really sack any of them because they just keep coming back to work anyway! They seem to demonstrate this herd mentality whenever the tea is on and there are biscuits to be had.

As the rate of turnaround for new designs can be a bit random we support our endeavours by also offering a selection of retro geekiness in the form of gadgets, gizmos and books, all carefully chosen from the seemingly infinite catalogue offered by one of the worlds biggest online retailers. So, relax, don't panic, and go surf the store, it's all good stuff...

Frankly, if you can't find something here to buy then you didn't really want it in the first place, you might as well go and find some animated gifs of cats playing the piano!

If you need to you can reach us at enquiries@thedosbox.co.uk

Oh yeah, the design of the site. Well it's meant to echo the kind of cutting edge user experience that was all the rage when the boss started out on his IT career... He really is that old!