Free Competition

So here's the deal.

We're not all that fussy about where our designs come from so as a treat we thought it might be nice to throw the doors open wide and invite you, dear reader, to have a go yourself at creating the next "killer T".

Is that a phrase? Is that what the kids actually say? "killer  T"? Really?.. I dunno. It just sounds kinda dorky...

This is how it's going to work.

Come up with a simple slogan you've always wanted on a t-shirt or hoodie, no artwork, just a slogan we can easily replicate in text and slap on a shirt.

The slogan should be no more than 15 or 20 words, a joke, a quote, an observation, is doesn't even have to be original! Just go easy on the profanity... It's hard to sell a slogan that is along the lines of "Go f*ck yourself mother*cker and the f*cking horse you rode in on!" Believe me, we've tried!

Once you've got your idea together mail it to us at

If we decide to use your slogan we'll let you know by e-mail so make sure to use a valid address or you'll get squat. We'll just steal your idea, make money off it and you'll be sh*t out of luck.

All we ask is that once you have sent your slogan into us you then share our Facebook page and the website address with all your friends. We get some free promotion and there is more chance of your design selling if we use it!

The Prize.

We'll put the t-shirt featuring your slogan on the store with our regular line and when we have sold five we will send you two t-shirts completely free and gratis, one of your design in a size and colour of your choice, and one we will choose at random from our line.

That's nearly 40 quids worth of t-shirts for free, all you did was flex the grey-matter, send us an e-mail and chat to your mates!

Terms & Conditions.

Open to UK residents only.

No purchase is needed.

The competition will run until January 31st 2019.

We won't announce winners, you'll get a credit in the description of the t-shirt when we put it online.

If your design isn't up to snuff it won't go on the site, simple as that

One entry per e-mail address. You could use more than one address and cheat, we do it all the time!

Good luck!