Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda USB Desk Protector

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Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda USB Desk Protector


  • Get Yoda to protect your desk!
  • Activated by a motion detection sensor
  • Light sabre illuminates and he speaks one of six phrases
  • Powered via your USB port, no software required
  • The item speaks in English and the manual is in both English and German
  • EAN: 5013348004710

Manufacturer: WESCO LTD

Warranty: 1 year

Details: Suitable for ages from 3 years+. When motion is detected Yoda reacts by saying a phrase and his lightsaber illuminates

Yodas Phrases include:
1) In the end cowards are those who follow the dark side.
2) A disturbance in the force there is.
3) Retreat! Cover you I will.
4) Still much to learn you have.
5) So certain of defeat are you, mmm.
6) Rush not into fight, long is the war. Only by surviving it will you prevail.